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Flow: a cognitive state where one is completely immersed in an activity. It involves intense focus, creative engagement, and the loss of awareness of time and self.
-Psychology Today

Flow State Trauma offers trauma-informed self defense and private Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lessons. 

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  • Crime Victim Compensation (CVC) payments accepted

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A Bit About Me

Your Self Defense Instructor: Jeremiah Brunner

-Owner of Flow State De-Escalation and Consulting™️, LLC

-18+ years in law enforcement

   * Jefferson County's Detective of the Year 2020*

-Over 14 of those as an investigator. 

-Hundreds of hours of interviews

-Studied multiple courses on trauma, stress, interviewing, and teaching.

-Added to trauma-informed training and understanding by continuous consultation with licensed therapists and victim advocates. ​

-A student of a variety of martial arts over the years, currently the rank of balck belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).

-Hundreds of hours of teaching in a classroom and on a mat. 


-I'm passionate, playful, mindful, and open. Let's grow and improve together!

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Helio Gracie

Usually, a well thought answer makes an aggressor think twice.

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"O. G."

"As a teenager, I was attacked at a park by multiple assailants while walking home from a party. The feeling of being smothered, not knowing what to do, has been hard to deal with in the past. I would relive these feelings from time to time, especially when I found myself underneath my blankets while sleeping. The sense of suffocating under all my blankets would trigger this horrible memory.

I am currently a four-stripe blue belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu and train at 303 Training Center. It is where I met Jeremiah. One morning during training, I found myself stuck underneath an instructor and had a horrible panic attack after class. I remember crying in my car and reliving that horrible experience all over again. The following day I had a conversation with Jeremiah about what had happened, and he had explained to me that he knew of some exercises to help control my mind through breathing techniques and positive self-talk. Soon after, we started doing drills that would help me overcome my fear of claustrophobia. 

The wonderful thing about Jeremiah is that he is patient and a good listener. His ability to do the exercises and drills with you at your own pace is something that I have appreciated since the beginning. Things are never rushed. To this day, his teachings have impacted the way I think when put in such overbearing positions. Because of Jeremiah, I feel more comfortable in these positions and now use those same techniques and skills to overcome my fears. I highly recommend Jeremiah to help you become a better version of yourself by overcoming your fears for anyone with the same worries or feelings. 

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Mailing Address: 3879 E. 120th Ave #304, Thornton, CO, 80233


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